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Some Opinions I Accept

π can be calculated by dividing the circumference by the diameter, an experiment that many people can do at home, but almost everyone accepts 3.141592 by default. Imagine if the constants in the various mathematical formulas you calculate every day are mistake, then any calculation you make based on those constants are mistake, yes, I said mistake, not inaccuracy.And constructing images in your consciousness based on these erroneous calculations will also deviate from reality, and if science claims that erroneous assumptions yield correct results, then science becomes a religion. It's like if you use a sphere model to calculate a sailing course, you'll end up off course, maybe even hitting an iceberg

There is no such thing as a market economy, only planned market manipulation that steals wealth while skimming off responsibility. They are a combination of liars, robbers, thieves and butchers.

simplify your consumption structure and lifestyle. Always think twice before you acting. What exists you do not have to have, because it may be a burden or not for you.

The purpose of a lie is to mislead, and good lies are usually mixed in with the truth, while advanced lies are mixed in with the accepted lies. If you follow the path of lies, you will see the God.

Mainstream film and television works can be basically divided into two categories: 1. Shit. 2. Beautifully packaged shit

In the case of an enlightened-minded public figure who cannot be controlled by the organization, the organization tends to eliminate the public figure and his or her possible genes. Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson were the victims.

What is an insurance company? An organization to gain valuable things with worthless things even nothing.

What is the Red Cross? An organization that eats people under the banner of public welfare and saving lives.

"royal family" reminds me of a group of bandits who say they are messengers of justice,do evil in the name of God, and tamper with history to advertise how noble they are, what could be more blasphemous than that?

The planes and ships that mysteriously disappeared from Bermuda's "Devil's Delta" were most likely shot down or destroyed by rockets launched from the Kennedy Space Center. The cover-up of these "random killings" was to cover up the "space project hoax". And the backbone of this lie is directly related to the "Flat Earth Conspiracy".

There is a limit to how much security encryption can provide on the internet, because ultimately you have to interact with the physical world.

If history is a negotiated lie, why not other aspects?

Ignorance creates all kinds of fear in people's minds.

If spiritual energy can influence the physical body, then believing that it exists is a prerequisite for testing whether it is effective, because obviously when you don't believe it exists, the energy has become weaker and such hidden influences become too weak to be observed.

Some people have research an issue and come up with their opinion, and I, as the recipient of the information, accept and agree with the opinion or part of the conclusion through a conscious common sense and intuitive judgment.And when some individual or organization is unhappy with the fact that I accept the opinion and asks me to give proof, I think the individual or organization must be a little confused or trying to make me confused. Because the right way is that give their own proof for me to accept their opinion, not The receiver of the information has to prove it. The recipient of the information is not obliged to prove the validity of the conclusions of the proposer of the opinion,Most of the time, I(most people) can only judge the truth of information through common sense or intuition. The conclusion is that if individuals and organizations cannot provide proof against the opinion you accept, then you can ignore the opposing words of those organizations or individuals, because they (their words) are shit.

I believe in spiritual science, but I also believe that many people lie under the guise of spiritual science. If someone wants to use a video to prove that he can bend a spoon with his mind, please do it under the same shot and do not edit it.

I believe CGI implementation of the "Lizard Man" make eye change, and the "Lizard Man" is a distraction

The cryptographic security of Internet HTTPS depends entirely on the trustworthiness of Certificate Authorities, but in this regard we choose to trust them unconditionally by default, even though you often hear that a Certificate Authority has been revoked, but that doesn't answer the question I want to ask, which is "Why do these Certificate Authorities have to be trusted?" If you can't physically control your devices and communications, then the anonymity (who you are) and privacy (what you're doing) of the Internet is non-existent for you, and that the most effective way to resist digital totalitarianism is to de-digitization as much as possible.

As a closed system, we can assume that the total water storage capacity of the Earth is determined. Global warming is not the cause of sea level rise, global warming only accelerates the circulation of water in the atmosphere, the real cause of sea level rise is caused by the reduction of water storage capacity of land. In turn, it is determined by the amount of land plants and lakes. The uncontrolled exploitation of capital has led to the disappearance and burial of a large number of plants and lakes. The water storage capacity of land decreases, and water that cannot be stored on land will eventually flow back to the sea. Melting icebergs do not cause sea level rise.

There are no curves on Earth; Antarctica is the outer wall of the flat earth world

The North Pole is the center of the world, and the North Star is always in a fixed position in the Dome

Earth is motionless

The sun and moon are very close to the earth and they are similar in size

The sun orbits the North Star 15 degrees every hour

Clocks were first designed to be used for navigation

The moon is not an entity, and the moon landing project is Hoax

The moon's light has different properties than the sun's light

The vanishing point of human vision is on the horizon

Even if the field of vision is unobstructed and the sky is clear, people cannot see infinity

1,2,4,5,7,8 and 3,6,9 have many interesting properties

Fluoride has the effect of inhibiting brain activity and is one of the ingredients in rodenticides

Legal tender (paper money or coins [not precious metals]) of any organization(Elite[Evil]) will depreciate in value in the long run.

Legal tender is an unpreserved IOU (in exchange for the value of your labor) written by the organization (Elite [Evil]) to the holder, and this IOU is usually kept in the organization's safe deposit box (bank). It's absurd, but it's the truth.

The organization (Elite[evil]) invented "legal tender" and inflation is a disguised form of theft, using inflation to more effectively plunder individual wealth

The biggest problem with bluetooth is security and stability. I am not interested in the transmission speed of bluetooth. Even the early bluetooth has already met the requirements in terms of speed After all, the controller or speaker does not require high transmission rate.

When over 95% of the Internet is monopolized by organizations (Elite [Evil]), my only option is to ignore by default or assume denial of any information coming from these media, and then light a candle in the darkness and look for the light.

Definition of computer virus (mine): When running a program, any program behavior that is beyond the user's purpose can be considered a virus.

The difference between a vulnerability and a backdoor: A backdoor is an avoidable vulnerability.

Linus Torvalds can say:I have no setting backdoor in linux kernel, But vulnerability are unavoidable. So backdoor is unavoidable

How to find the truth in the Internet where false information is flooded: first find some things that can be confirmed by common sense experience and confirmed to be true as flags, and then use these flags as a reference when get new information. if they are not compatible that can be filtered out

Since individual human beings are (incomplete gods), they explore their own divinity by pursuing the truth. For the organization (Elite [Evil]), they want you to stay away from God, and they tend to distort the truth or facts.

To avoid the corruption of religion, I choose to skip all religious organizations and go directly to the Creator (Creation or Creator), but I do not ignore the documentation in the various religious organizations, and although many times the true meaning in them is hidden or tampered with, there are always pearls left in them, waiting to be discovered by those who care.

Although things that are logical are not always true, but in this chaotic Internet age, logic should be the only thing people can believe.

The essence of an explosion is the rapid expansion of air, so any explosive in a vacuum cannot detonate. (including C4 and atomic bombs), so a evacuated container is the best detonation device

The essence of the movement of aircraft and rockets in the atmosphere is the reaction force of the air. Even if the rocket can burn violently in a vacuum, it cannot generate thrust. Because the gas produced by the rocket dissipates quickly.It's like legs without a focus, no matter how hard you push, you won't be able to fly. What's more, it cannot burn violently in a vacuum (even if an oxidant is used)

The big bang theory says that time and space are created at the moment of the explosion, but the explosion is the rapid expansion of air, which can be understood as the rapid expansion of space, but note that there was no space before the big bang, and there was no space for the expansion space to exist. So the big bang can't happen.

In order to solve the economic problems or debt defaults faced by the organization (Elite[Evil]), the organization has adopted an "epidemic warfare" approach to reduce or destroy the health of the ruled class in order to reduce pension spending and increase medical income. The epidemic weapon is one of the powerful tools to solve the organization's [Elite(Evil)] debt problem.

Many so-called crises are artificially created to deflect blame or wipe out creditors to ensure that a few interest groups can always rule. Modern warfare is war without gunpowder, and the third world war has always been in the present tense.


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