Xiaomi Airdots Problems


长按两个耳机的触控面板,直到红白灯交替闪烁3次,放回充电盒,同时取出双耳即可自动配对。 如果蓝牙耳机因为时间老化脱胶,可以使用细弯头的电烙铁,对连接处进行溶塑连接操作,这个 比用胶水还牢固。

Binaural connection problem and earplug aging degumming problem

Long press the touch panels of the two earphones until the red and white lights flash alternately 3 times, put them back into the charging case, and take out both earphones at the same time to automatically pair. If the Bluetooth headset is degummed due to aging, you can use an electric soldering iron with a thin elbow to melt and connect the connection. Stronger than glue.