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最近发现一件有意思的事情,公寓里的快递寄放终端快递堆积如山, 说是"双11"的购物车,但有一些快递一直没人来取。直到快递员打电话给对方。 但让一些人疑惑的是他们并没有购物,那是谁下的单子呢?答案是 购物app,通过间歇性的弹窗广告和伪装的下单按钮,让用户在混乱中误触, 导致用户误下单。这类操作在"拼多多"中最为常见。还有就是"抖音",现在"抖音"基本就是垃圾资讯+鱼叉式广告的混合体。 个人不建议你使用这类APP,就好像你让一个不懂电脑的人用电脑, 用不了多久,电脑就成了恶意软件和木马病毒的温床一样。而移动端的 危害会更大,因为好多用户都将自己银行帐号都邦定到了手机的APP中。 简直就是将自己的钱包交到了这些大互联网公司手里。


Recently, I found an interesting thing, the express delivery terminal in the apartment is piled up like a mountain, It said it was the "double 11" shopping cart, but some of them had not been picked up. Until the courier called each other. But somebody were confused because they didn't shop, so who placed the order? The answer is Shopping apps that Through intermittent pop-up ads and disguised order buttons, users mistakenly touch in confusion, Causing users to place orders by mistake. This kind of operation is most common in "ping duo duo". There is also like "TikTok"(Chinese version name "抖音 dou yin"), which is basically a mixture of spam information and Spear phishing ads. Personally, I do not recommend to use these apps, just like you let a person who does not know how to use a computer .It won't take long for the computer to become a breeding ground for malware and Trojan viruses. And the smart mobile will be even greater danger than that, because many users have their bank accounts bind to the smart phone app. It's like handing over your wallet to these big internet companies.Good Luck!

Smartphones are the electronic shackles of the New World Order, and the more closely you combine it with your life, the greater the confining power of the shackles, until you can no longer break free.