Private dish (radish pancake)

Ingredients: white radish, lunch meat, eggs, wheat flour, white pepper, salt, five spice powder, black sesame, sour beans

White Radish: Lunch Meat=4:1 (specific amount depends on one's own appetite) Cut into cubes, steam in a steamer for 10 minutes, set aside.

Prepare a large bowl and pour the radish and lunch meat into it, Take an egg, slide the egg white into a bowl, and keep the yolk for later use. Afterwards, add a little salt (1g), a little pepper (2g), white pepper (1g), a little black sesame, and a little sour beans.

Divide the wheat flour into two parts, and cover the ingredients in the bowl with the appropriate amount each time. After each addition of wheat flour, stir evenly with chopsticks.

Preheat the frying pan over low heat, put in a small spoon of oil moistening pan, pour out the hot oil, and then pour in a small spoon of cold oil again. (Can avoid sticking to the pot) Pour the ingredients into the frying pan, use a shovel to smooth the ingredients, leave a gap in the middle, and pour the egg yolk into it for 30-40 seconds Turn left and right, continue frying for about a minute, then remove from the pan and place on a plate.


白萝卜:午餐肉=4 : 1 (具体多少根据自己的胃口决定) 切成方粒,用蒸锅蒸10分钟,放一旁备用。 准备一个大碗,将萝卜粒和午餐肉粒倒入中,

取一个鸡蛋,将蛋清滑入碗中,蛋黄保留备用。 之后放入盐少许(1g),胡椒粉少许(2g),白胡椒粉(1g),黑芝麻少许,酸豆角少许。 分两次放入小麦粉,每次的量以覆盖碗中食材为宜。 每次放入小麦粉后,用筷子搅拌均匀。

小火平底锅预热,放入一小勺油润锅,之后倒出热油,再重新倒入一小勺冷油。(可避免粘锅) 将食材倒入平底锅,用铲子将食材铺平,中间留出一个空隙,将之前的蛋黄倒入其中,30~40秒 左右翻面,继续煎一分钟左右,起锅装盘。