Why doesn't Microsoft forcefully ban pirated users?

中国国内桌面系统中微软仍然占据着90%以上的市场份额,并且这90%的用户中,盗版用户占多数。微软为何不直接将这些盗版用户强制封禁呢?在技术 上微软完全可以做到,内嵌的通用后门可不是摆设。因为GNU/Linux这些竞争者的存在,你可以试想一下,如果微软将这些盗版用户强制驱逐,你作为 电脑用户你会选择什么解决方案,方案1:花钱购买微软正版软件,方案2:更换为GNU/Linux平台。而我想更多的用户会选择GNU/Linux平台,即便它的学习成 本较高,但相比于以前,现在网上关于GNU/Linux的学习网站已经很完善了,相关的平台论坛支持也很多。所以综合起来学习成本并没那么高。而一旦 人们适应了GNU/Linux平台的操作环境,以及随着GNU/Linux平台的用户暴涨,软件开发者很可能会主动为GNU/Linux开发优质的行业软件,因为最终 软件的价值是由使用者决定的。所以这样一来必然导致Windows平台的行业软件优势逐渐缩水。市场份额的流失对于一家软件公司的打击是致命性的。 这也是它为什么不直接封禁这些盗版用户的原因之一。而另一个原因微软系统如果看作一个网络武器,而用户电脑就是它僵尸网络的一部分,对于僵尸网络,僵尸主机当然是越多越好,它即是分布式攻击单元,又是分布式数据单元,同时也是分布式计算单元,并且这些功能的能量消耗均由用户买单.

In China's domestic desktop system, Microsoft still occupies more than 90% of the market share, and among the 90% of users, pirate users account for the majority. Why doesn't Microsoft directly ban these pirate users? Technically, Microsoft can do it, and the embedded universal backdoor is not just a decoration. Because of the existence of competitors such as GNU/Linux, you can imagine that if Microsoft forcibly expels these pirated users, what solution would you choose as a computer user? Option 1: spend money to buy genuine Microsoft Software, Option 2: Replace with GNU /Linux platform. And I think more users will choose the GNU/Linux platform, even though its learning cost is higher, but compared to before, the online learning website about GNU/Linux is already very complete, and there are many related platform forums to support it. So the overall learning cost is not that high. And once people adapt to the operating environment of the GNU/Linux platform, and as the number of users of the GNU/Linux platform soars, software developers are likely to take the initiative to develop high-quality industry software for GNU/Linux, because the final value of the software is determined by the users. So this will inevitably lead to the gradual shrinking of the industry software advantages of the Windows platform. The loss of market share is a fatal blow to a software company. This is one of the reasons why it does not directly forcefully ban pirated users.. Another reason is that if the Microsoft system is regarded as a network weapon, and the user's computer is a part of its botnet, for the botnet, of course, the more zombie hosts, the better. It is not only a distributed attack unit, but also a distributed data unit. , is also a distributed computing unit, and the energy consumption of these functions are paid by the users.