About Lottery and Currency

最近一部韩国电影"육사오"(中文 名"6/24"或"乐透大作战")热度蛮高,影片中关于彩票的描述"彩票是剥削资本家的一种工具",这种说法 是真的荒唐,彩票和股票一样,都是资本家用于剥削的工具罢了,区别估计就在于股票常用于经济上行的时候, 而彩票常用于经济下行的时候,也就是经济萧条的时候,彩票业就会死灰复燃. 总结一下:你买彩票,你可能会赚,但发行方绝对会赚,并且买的人越多,你的中奖概率就越低,发行方赚得越多。 这些还是在彩票发行方规规矩矩的情况下。如果它们搞黑箱操作,那么你买彩票基本就是给官僚资本送钱去的。

其实如果你仔细观察的话,彩票和货币,在本质上并无多大区别。货币也只是一张纸,你愿意用的劳动价值换这 张纸,所以这张纸的价值就是你的劳动价值。货币是否有价值,在你没选择该货币前,它的价值是由你决定的,但 你选择了之后,价值的控制权就转移到了货币发行方,货币发行方可以通过是否超发货币(量化宽松),经由通货膨胀来实现价值的掠夺,这个过程是 隐性的,对于普通人而言不大容易察觉。简单而言就是让你的手上的货币(有价代币)逐渐变成废纸的一个过程。




A recent Korean movie "6/45"(乐透大作战 ,육사오) is quite popular, and the description of lottery in the movie is "lottery is a tool to exploit capitalists". This statement is really absurd,Like stocks, lotteries are a tool for capitalists to exploit, but the difference is that stocks are often used in times of economic upswing,while lotteries are often used in times of economic downswing, that is, when the economy is in recession, the lottery industry will be revived. To summarize: you buy a lottery ticket, you may earn, but the issuer will definitely earn, and the more people buy, the lower your odds of winning, the more the issuer will earn. And that's if the lottery issuers play by the rules. If they operate in a black box, then you are basically giving money(valueable tokens) to bureaucratic capital to buy lottery tickets(paper).

In fact, if you look closely, there is not much difference in the nature of lottery tickets and money. Money is just a piece of paper, and you are willing to exchange the value of your labor for this ,The value of this paper is the value of your labor. Whether or not a currency has value is determined by you before you choose that currency, but After you choose the currency, the control of the value about currency is transferred to the currency issuer, who can realize the value plundering through inflation by whether to over-issue the currency (quantitative easing) or not, this process is hidden and not easy for ordinary people to notice. Let your hands of money (valuable tokens) gradually become waste paper.

If you look closely at the value trajectory of a single country's currency over a 30-year period, it almost invariably depreciates in value." current money will always be worth more than money in the future", because tokens cost much less to issue than precious metals (gold and silver).And inflation is inevitable because it can be artificially manipulated, which is a function of tokens

"I don't care who makes the laws as long as I can control the issuance of a country's currency?"----Rothschild

It also gave me a new understanding of the meaning of the phrase, that by controlling the currency, you control the flow of value in the country, and by controlling the flow of value, you can indirectly control the entire country.