How to calibrate hygrometer

将湿温计放到室外半个小时,待其数值稳定后,然后在网上搜索你当前位置的温度和湿度,之后用一字起子将指针调整到准确位置。 一般网络上的温度和湿度都是室外的,所以当你将湿温计拿到室内后,数值会有点差异,这个没关系。

Put the hygrometer outside for half an hour, wait for its value to stabilize, then search the temperature and humidity of your current location on the Internet,and then use a flathead screwdriver to adjust the pointer to the exact position. Generally, the temperature and humidity on the Internet are outdoors, so when you bring the hygrometer indoors, the values will be a little different,it doesn't matter.