The understanding of "the ghost in the shell"

从另一个视角看问题,其实以目前的技术水平,距离制造出像动漫中的电子智能还是遥遥无期,甚至仍然是一个宝宝. 既然技术还无法实现这个目标,那么你以已实现这个目标前提而做出的所有假设就没有意义了.也就是说无法制造出 如动漫中的智能电子脑,也就不存在电子人是否是人的这个结论,那么动漫真正想表达的意思可能更接近于这种情况, 就是说如果人在制度的威逼控制下变得"躺平","麻木",对自己未来失去信心和希望,变得没了"灵魂",那么"组织"是否 能把他们当作"机器"一样"处理",比如直接"肉体消灭",或者随意摘取其"器官"来用于精英们的肉体"永生"。有灵魂的 机器可以被看作是人,那么没灵魂的人也就可以被看作是机器。而社会控制就是不断地将人的"灵魂"抹去,以方便"组织" 榨取人口价值。

From another perspective, in fact, with the current level of technology, it is still a long way from creating an electronic intelligence like the one in the anime, or even a baby. Since the technology is not yet able to achieve this goal, then all the assumptions you make with the premise that this goal has been achieved is meaningless. In other words, it is impossible to create If you can't create an intelligent cyberbrain like the one in the anime, then there is no such conclusion as to whether or not a cyborg is a human being, so what the anime is really trying to say is probably closer to the case. That is, if people become "flat" and "numb" under the control of the system, lose confidence and hope in their future, and become "soulless", then does the "organization" Can they be "treated" like "machines", such as direct "physical annihilation", or the random removal of their "organs" for the physical "immortality" of the elite. A soul If a machine can be regarded as a human being, then a soulless human being can also be regarded as a machine. Social control is the constant erasure of the human "soul" in order to facilitate the "organization" to extract the value from the population.