Causes of nearsightedness and farsightedness

In dark light --> pupil dilation --> lens stretched --> point of view moved back to the back of the retina --> farsightedness 。

Under bright light --> pupil constriction --> lens is squeezed --> point of view moves forward to the front of retina --> nearsightedness。

From the above process, it can be seen that the lens is plastic, and the change of the pupil will directly affect the structure of the lens. And the pupil will automatically adjust with the light and shade of the external light, so if you want to adjust the pupil size, We can only adjust the pupil indirectly by changing the light and dark.。

This treatment method is the reverse process of your myopia, so the time for relief and treatment is relatively slow, but the advantage is that there is no Side effects, no medicine, no surgery. Adjust and repair through the eyeball's own structure, similar to that of traditional Chinese medicine idea.

Conclusion: If you stay in a dark environment for a long time, you will suffer from hyperopia (presbyopia), and if you stay in a bright environment for a long time, you will suffer from myopia



从上面的过程可以看出晶状体是可塑形的,瞳孔的改变会直接影响晶状体的结构, 而瞳孔的又会随着外部光线的明暗来进行自动调节,所以如果要调节瞳孔大小, 我们只能通过改变光线的明暗来间接调节瞳孔。

这种治疗方式就是你近视的逆过程,所以缓解和治疗的时间也是比较慢的,但优点是没有 副作用,不用吃药,不用动手术。通过眼球的自身结构来进行调节和修复,类似于中医的观念。