A way to effectively lower your old laptop's temperature

旧笔记本在使用过程中南桥芯片总是发热很大,我试过在它上面加散热胶片,效果都不理想,于此同时笔记本的电源也是发热严重,这些都好像是旧笔记本的通病。 直到我发现了一个办法,问题居然神奇的解决了,至少我这台旧笔记本是达到了这个效果,方法就是只给笔记本的电源散热(我为了散热更好,还在电源上加了一个散热铝片),之后我的键盘右下方温度都非常低。(见图)

The chips in the south bridges of old laptops always heat up a lot during use.I've tried adding heat sinks on top of them, but the results were not good, and at the same time the power supply of the laptop was also very hot, which seems to be a common problem in old laptops.Until I found a way to magically solve the problem, at least my old laptop is to achieve this effect, the method is only to the laptop's power supply cooling (I also added a cooling aluminum sheet on the power supply for better heat dissipation), after that, my keyboard right bottom temperature are very low. (see figure)