Some Android Apks Force Enable Network Permission


最近在测试一些apk的时候发现一件有意思的事情,某些apk出现这样的情况,我一般在新安装新应用后,第一件事情是设置权限,之后再运行 ,如果应用功能本身并不需要联网权限,那么我一般都会设置为禁用,当我将某个相机apk的联网权限全部禁用,程序启动后,我再去查看应用 权限设置,发现该应用的联网权限又被强制开启,但程序启动时并未提示启用联网的提示,所以我认为应该是程序通过某种方式直接绕过了这 个限制,Open Camera (GPL-3.0-or-later),Libre Camera(GPL-3.0-or-later),Simple Camera(GPL-3.0-only),均出现类似问题。个人建议 卸载这些强制启用联网权限的应用

Device information: android12, kernel 4.14.186+

Recently, I discovered an interesting thing when testing some apks. Some apks have such a situation. Generally, the first thing I do after installing a new application is to set the permissions and then run it. , if the application function itself does not require Internet permissions, then I usually set it to disabled. When I disable all Internet permissions for a camera apk, after the program starts, I check the application Permission settings, I found that the application's network permissions were forcibly turned on again, but there was no prompt to enable networking when the program started, so I think the program directly bypassed limitation in some way. Similar Behavior Apks:Open Camera (GPL-3.0-or-later), Libre Camera (GPL-3.0-or-later), Simple Camera (GPL-3.0-only), all have similar problems. personal suggestion Uninstall these apps that force Internet permissions to be enabled