Disgusting operation of "Three Squirrels"

本人曾经在三只松鼠的网店买过两次它们的产品,都是同一种礼盒,第一次里面的 坚果品类数量都没啥问题,第二次的礼盒容量几乎没变,但里面的花生米的品类数量 变多了,基本上就8包里面有四包是花生米,但第一次品类数量是很均衡的。 我严重怀疑"三只松鼠"用更加廉价的坚果来充数。以达到增加利润,降低成本的目的。 我之后就再没买过三只松鼠的产品了。即便它们已经开了线下店,即便超市也有它们 的礼盒产品,但我都是无视的。我只给这类公司一次机会。

I have bought their products twice in the online store of Three Squirrels, and they are all the same gift box.There is no problem with the number of nuts. The capacity of the second gift box has hardly changed, but the number of peanuts inside There have been more, basically four of the eight packs are peanuts, but the number of categories is very balanced for the first time.I seriously doubt that "The Three Squirrels" are filling their numbers with cheaper nuts. In order to achieve the purpose of increasing profits and reducing costs.I have never bought any products from Three Squirrels since then. Even if they have opened offline stores, even supermarkets have them gift box products, but I ignore them. I only give this type of company one chance.